Glam Pink Hair Colors from Celebrties

Celebrities like to change their appearance with bold hair colors.  Stylish pink hair color with its different shades is something popular among celebrities and they try and rock the look. Find here celebrities with cool pink hair color to get inspired for your strong statement look. Learn how to wear the pink hair in your hair finding the celebrities with this color.rihanna-with_pink_hair_wig

Rihanna loves to go for big changes and she is being a chameleon when it comes to her hair. She wears pink and it looks lovely on her. Once she showed off her bubblegum pink and became the part of celebrities wearing pink hair.

Special Braided Bun Hairstyles

As the spring has already come, we should find new ways to change our look in a special way. If you are going to attend some cool beach parties for summer, or night outs, dates, the braided bun can give you a good and impressive hair solution. When you have long tresses, there are thousands of options to try for your hair.  But if you simply leave your hair loose, you may feel uncomfortable in many situations.  Bun hairstyles and updos are the greatest choice to keep up your hair look accurate and more comfortable. Ponytails and updos are of course good options but bun hairstyles can create different look that can fit any occasion.braided-bun-hairstyles 1

Bun hairstyles can be casual and simple if it’s styled tousled and messy, but as well very special and elegant if combined with a cute hair accessory and an appropriate dress. Bun braided hairstyles can be versatile and you can wear it for any occasion you will take part in. Celebrities will help us to find chic braided hairstyles that end in buns creating a soft and elegant look. Let’s check out them together.

Chic Hairstyles For Prom Night

If you want to find elegant and modern hairstyles for your prom day, follow this post and learn some of them. You will also find out the styling steps of cute hairstyles to make it easier to achieve the look, you want. So let’s check out what is hot this year of prom night hairstyles and get ready to rock one of them.lindsay-lohan-long-blonde-wavy-hairstyle-october-08

Here is a cute look that can work for nearly any hair type and face shape. This hairstyle is featured with wide curls that are a bit crimped. And here are the hairstyling steps to make it by yourself.

Blonde Hair Coloring Shades for 2015

Blonde with its different shades might be one of the most favorite colors for women. But choosing blonde is really challenging. You should take it a good care providing the shine and healthy look and color it frequently. In any case it’s the great color for particularly for women with fair skin tone. If you find the right shade for your skin tone, blonde can replace your makeup and beauty procedures. It’s not my own opinion, the actress Clémence Poésy once mentioned that blonde allows her not to use too much makeup and look stunning._blonde-hair-with-balayage

You can find blonde shade that can work with your skin tone perfectly. Here are some blonde shades of celebrities and all you need is to choose the one that can work with your skin tone and eye color the most. So let’s find the great blonde for us and rock it for the coming seasons.blonde-hair-colors

How to Look Awesome in Every Morning

We have all experienced with mornings having lack of time and not paying attention to our hair. Due to our business, we need to find something very quickly and simply.  Here I will help you offering some hairstyles that are very easy to create, if you have all that simple tools and styling products. These celebrity- inspired hairstyles will help you to always look elegant and styled, no matter to your time and styling skills.10th Annual Trevor New York Summer Gala - Arrivals

This first hairstyle I will suggest is worn by Kelly Ripa and her look is not overly-styled. Find the hair tutorial from famous Whitney Young, who is the stylist at Daireds Salon & Spa Pangéa in Dallas and welcomes clients such as Kelly Clarkson, Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez. The hairstylist suggests starting off with second-day hair for this look to have the same result.

Special Hairstyles for Long Tresses

This year on the top of hair trends keeps its popularity the long hairstyles. Ladies with long tresses are lucky enough to choose any style that will radiate their confidence and charm of the look. Find here many amazing hairstyles for long hair to try for the next special event. meghann_oliberos_rope_braid_hairTry plenty of hairstyling options by yourself and for sure you will become a good hairdresser of the era. If you have sick and bad hair days when it looks monotonous and tired, I suggest you to experiment with these following hairstyle ideas for long hair and you will make your day special and lucky to get many compliments.jenna_mourray_hair_style

The one thing you should pay attention for long hair is to keep them always looking shiny and healthy. You need to protect your locks from various damages and set care routine to make a good style for longer hair.

Retro Farrah Fawkett Hairstyle Idea

This year some of retro hairstyles have returned and I suggest you to look what retro style is hot this year. Find the hair tutorial and be ready to make the style by your own. Farrah Fawkett style was the signature of 70s look. Here are the styling steps to create this chic retro look.farraw fawkett style

First, start with washed, conditioned and blow-dried straight hair. Then, apply a generous amount of wrapping foam to your tresses. Begin the styling process by parting hair into four sections (from forehead to nape, ear to ear). Secure the hair in place using hair clip or clamp. Choose a section you want to work and release the hairclip from your hair section. Choose a small amount of hair with the help of fishtail comb, and then re-clip-hair. Use spiral rod to your hair by wrapping or twisting the end of hair around the tool. Continue to make the steps of 4/5 for the rest of hair till all the sections have been completed. farrah fawcett hairstyle ideaYou should keep the rollers for about 2-3 hours and make a good result by using a hooded dryer to heat and mold hair into curls. Set the hooded dryer at medium to high temperature for 30-50 minutes.

Special Black Hairstyles 2015

If you want to find trendy black hairstyles for special events, this post will help you. Here I will suggest some great hairstyles from celebrities and give the hair tutorial of their hairstyles. Find the best matching for you and grab it for your next special occasions. This bun hairstyle will be an ideal choice for special events and it looks lovely and royal. Here are the styling steps to make this great look by your own.Teyonah-Parris-Bun-Emmys

First, you need to smooth hair into a ponytail. Then, wrap loose extension hair around ponytail. Next, take section of your hair and roll and pin into place till the height and shape are set. Finish the look by applying sheen to add shine for your tresses. This hairstyle will suit everyone but particularly ladies with round shaped face, will look more flattering as the style will elongate the face. Straight or wavy long hair can make it easier to achieve this bun hairstyle.

The Hottest Layered Bob Haircut Trends 2015

Bob haircuts will make your look lovely and cute, if you find the great hairstyle ideas for that. Here are some of them to inspire for your bob haircut. They will freshen up your look making your appear younger with full of energy.73eef136f7ab82c0d0012f6d67e4ea61

This kind of bob hairstyle will suit any face shapes.  Find here the styling steps that are suggested below.  So start with dry hair applying heat protector spray and cream or lotion through your tresses. Take flat iron and start to straighten your hair completely setting it on 400-450 degrees. Take a large comb and begin to comb sides and back of tresses downwards and the front hair forward making it look like an umbrella. Then, part your hair in middle and with flat iron curve the ends of hair inwards fastening the ends of hair to the flatiron and bending the flat iron inwards. Finish the look by applying a flexible hold hairspray through your hair to set the style.  This hairstyle will look great in long and oval face shapes particularly. To make your hairstyle look more gorgeous add single colored, clip-on hair extensions on your natural hair.

Natural Ingredients To Make a Style

Natural ingredients will be very helpful for your hair, if it is used right. You can learn here some basic hair care remedies of hairspray to make your locks always appear healthy and in style.natural_ingredients

Here is a great natural spray for your tresses that includes sugar and cypress. Create your own style with this hair conditioning formula that will make your locks shiny and smooth. To make it, take 1tbs of sugar in 1 cup of boiling water and wait until the sugar dissolved. After it, take 1bs of vodka and mix it with sugar. Leave the mixture until it cools and then add cypress essential oil in it. Pour the whole mixture into a spray bottle and use it on damp tresses.