Celebrity Blonde Hairstyles for Evening

The long blonde hair makes your look special for any type of events. You can find here fabulous looks of long blonde hair from popular stars just for your part days. The first look is from Naomi Watts, who brings out her elegance and style just for the evening look.-long-blonde-hairstyle-for-your-evening-look Her blonde loose updo hair features A-line silhouette. The centre parting and lovely hair streaks on other side of her face make her look special and elegant for evening party days.

Elizabeth Banks attracts our attention with her bright blonde hair.Her elongated nags styled across forehead merges with the highlighted blonde tresses that is swept to one side.

7-innocence-and-passion-from-elizabeth-banksThese honey blonde streaks are special and ideal for evening hairstyle.

Lovely Bob Hairstyle From Oscar 2015

During Oscar ceremony event we saw many fabulous and trendy hairstyles worn by celebrities. The red carpet was flooded with beautiful looks and colorful dresses that can be an inspiration for us. Though some brands proved the long hairstyle to be trendy this year, we saw many bob and short haircuts with new styling solutions during Oscar. This is why I took a great inspiration from Margot Robbie’s Oskar look, who favor classy bob hairstyles. Check out how you can achieve this soft and trendy look following the styling steps mentioned below.margot-robbie-oscars-2015-academy-awards

Her long bob looks so hot and she didn’t have to dress it as her haircut was the style all on its own. So to own this popular look, first use some styling some styling product to your wet hair and apply thermal protection. Blow-dry your hair using a styling brush. Then take a smoothing iron and smooth the midshafts to the ends and apply a texturizing product for more volume and texture. Tuck one side of hair behind your ear. Apply a texture spray that gives texture without weighing it down.

Chic Hairstyles from the 2015 Screen Actors Guild Awards

During this event we saw so many fabulous dresses, stunning faces and chic hairstyles that can consider as the inspiration of our look. The first celebrity look from the 2015 Screen Actors Guild Awards is Ariel Winter’s glamorous hairstyle. This retro hair looks like a brushed out finger wave. Her look is absolutely marvelous. The style beautifully frames the face making her look soft and chic.ariel-winter-sag-awards

To style this look you should start with dry hair that’s parted to one side. Take a ¼ inch curling iron and curl the small sections of your hair. The curls must go the same way! Make all curls going away from your face. After curling each sections of your hair take a regular brush and brush through the curls. Finish the style with a light holding hairspray. This chic hairstyle works for any hair length whether it’s short, medium or long. But medium hair will likely hold the curls better. The face with sharper features works great for this chic look. To make your curls hold a bit longer spray each sections of hair before the curling process.

Selena Gomez Party Hair Looks

Selena Gomez wears fabulous hairstyles that can be a great inspiration for some girls. Here I will introduce great hairstyles from her to help you find your special look for party events. The first great hairstyle worn by Selena is edgy version of the messy updo that can be appropriate for evening events.Selena-Gomez

Her long hair with asymmetric parting tresses is pulled down and rest of hair swept back and fastened at the nape in a large, loose chignon creating volume, it looks very cute and attractive. Her dark brown hair with balayage highlights suits the hairstyle very well and makes the look more pretty.

Fabulous Afro Spiral Curls Hairstyle

This afro hairstyle looks amazing with spiral curls. This hairstyle has many aspect of feeling hot, from layers to curls, adding dimensions and color. Follow the steps bellow to style this hot look. For the first cleanse, condition and towel dry your hair then apply amount of wrapping form to it.3147

From forehead to nape then ear to ear part your hair into four sections using hairclips to keep sections divided during your curling process. Select which section you want to start and withdraw a medium amount of hair from section using a fishtail comb and then re-clip hairclip. Apply an extra large perm rod to your hair wrapping end of hair around perm rod. Repeat this step till curling /rodding completed.

Layered Haircuts: Advantages & Disadvantages

The major trends of today’s haircuts have at least a little bit of layering. Layered hairstyles look cool and can do a lot of things in haircuts. Here you will find many layered hairstyles to learn which hair is for you. Layering is used to create volume and remove weight or to collapse hair and remove fullness or bulk. It is also best way to enhance waves or curls gently remove weight that is pulling it down.Layered-hairstyles

Layering adds movement and interest to a cut and frames the face. It works for all hair types but in case of thinnest or finest hair it will become too wispy or straggly when the weight is removed too much. It has many advantages and disadvantages for your hair. Let’s count the pluses and minuses together.

Hair care tips for humid days

High humidity can wreak havoc quickly on your hair. Here you will find how to prevent hair from frizzing and keep the hair look healthy no matter weather changes. I will suggest some great hair styling tips for humid days.

The first thing you should do for humid days is to use clarifying shampoos with good moisturizing conditioners that  impacts on the way your hair deals with frizz. No matter your hair is dry or oily, you need the moisture to keep your hair looking great.embedded_humid_proof_hairstyles

One of the best styling tips for humid days are the use of heat and shine spray. The heat protective pray will benefit your hair and keeps it from drying out and protected from moisture in the air. You can protect your hair from the frizzing with many products. In case of high humidity stick s light spray and serum.

Chic Hairstyles for Heart Shaped Faces

If you have heart shaped face, you’ll find this post helpful. Here I will suggest great haircuts& hairstyles from celebrities to find the best solution for you. For instance, actress Reese Witherspoon hairstyles looks great with her heart shape face. She has sported shoulder length bobs long waves and shorter hair but we never seen her without bangs. As heart face shapes are wider up top, making it look heavy, long side swept bangs draws attention down and towards the eyes.112912-Reese-Witherspoon-400

“The shortest pieces should hit your face at the arch of eyes” says LeCompte “The longest pieces should hit the outer corners of eyes”. You can also try pixie haircuts which are the perfect for heart shaped faces.

Curly Hair Trends and Styling tips

Curls are on trend and they always rock any hair you take. Follow here to know how to have celebrity looking hairstyles and learn the techniques of styling them. The first look featured long layered bob which is shorter in the back and longer in the front. If you have this kind of haircut, then start to style it with us. 67th Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals

The extreme side parting makes the heavier side to appear heavily layered and the lighter side not as much creating a fashionable trick for attractive and crazy personality. To style it you need to apply a thermal protection to your hair and then smooth sections of hair with a flat iron slightly beveling the ends. Then use a shine serum and your perfect look is ready!  If you have wider face shape with hair that is medium in texture and density you can really enjoy the perfect result you’ll have. The other look is again with the medium length hair.

Black Hair Color for Women

Black is the most popular hair color for women.  It’s the most common color but not necessarily boring. It makes any women look elegant and cute, especially when it’s black shining hair. Women with black hair can carry any haircut in the world.  Whether you have long hair or pixie, black can compliment to any face shape and hair types. Black color on hair actually looks healthy and shiny while other colors can cause the opposite result.  Here you can find many advices for women with black hair color. The first thing we should is bangs and fringes that look awesome on black colored hair.Gorgeous-Highlights-Ideas-for-Black-Hair-Color

You can try heavy bangs from 60’s or side bangs. Both will make your look more beautiful.  Women with black hair can try sleek and centered hairstyle that is the best option among all. Before taking this look, be sure that your hair is well conditioned. Use shine serum to have extra glossy hair.