Elegant Loose Updo Hairstyles

Tightly slicked updos are considered to be out of date. This year is all about loose styles that look relaxed and elegant. Loose updos can be created with curls, braids, or side ponies combined together very well. Here we will introduce elegant and chic updo hairstyles and inspire you to have them this year.Braided-Loose-Updo-Back

Braided updo hairstyle

This braided updo hairstyle can be a great way to get your hair up and out of face without compromising on style. If you like this braids style it now! Before styling part your dry hair to one side. The side of more hair, gather two sections each 2-3 inches wide. Braid the sections and secure the ends with a small ponytail holder. Continue working with another side of hair, gather a section of hair that begins right at your hairline and extends back about 2 inches. Braid this section and secure it with small clear ponytail holder.

How to Prevent Hair Color Fading

We all want to have glossy, thick and voluminous hair. After dying your hair at the salon, it can look lustrous and shiny and but what you can do when it starts to fade? Here you can find out some of helpful tips to revitalizing your fading hair color. First you should use color safe conditioners, which contain extra moistruzing properties preventing hair from drying or frying. Remember that color-treated hair is more susceptible to damage, and over-washing or hard water can lead to fading hair color. You just need to be gentle to your chemically treated locks.a3384ddbab4f037bf3562ccabbf87749

The other reason of hair coloring fading is soaking up the sun. In swimming pools chlorine can strip hair of its color. To protect your strands wear a scarf or hat to cover your mane. Also use hair products with UV protection to prevent against damage and fading. If you’re planning to go swimming pool, you should rinse your hair both before and after a swim. You can try swim caps too.

The Hottest Hairstyles for Men 2015

At the recent Milano Moda Uomo show men’s hair trends were versatile and dynamic. This helps to look professionally groomed at work but needs high- fashion look for leisure time.Zac-Efron-Moptop-Hairstyle-with-Side-Swept-Bangs-for-Men

The best of men’s hairstyles can look sophisticated or sporty and also project an image of casual elegant look, which will be a major trend in men’s hairstyles for 2015. Some of the retro1960s looks are trendy for both for women and men. The major trend of that is side-parting haircut and if you want to have haircut and you’re still not convinced, just look at the latest fashion trends.

Hair Treatments with Natural Ingredients

Natural food like eggs, yogurt and honey are not only tasty but also very helpful treatments for human hair. For example oils in avocados more closely resemble our skin oil’s than any beauty aisle products.  Save your money and use these helpful tips with natrual ingredients for your hair health.

Hair-Treatment-The yolk in egg is rich in fats and proteins and it’s naturally moisturizing while the white contains bacteria-eating removes unwanted oils. In the case of normal hair, use entire egg to condition hair and for oily hair use egg whites. If your hair is dry and brittle use egg yolks only to moisturize it.  Apply ½ cup of egg mixture to clean damp hair. Leave it for 20 minutes and rinse with cool water and shampoo hair. Whites of egg can be applied every two weeks but whole and yolks once a month.

Trendy and Creative Hair Coloring Ideas 2015

Unnatural hair colors, like green and pink and rocks this year. You can already see it everywhere from high-fashion catwalks or on red carpets. Rich hues and soft pastel shades grace the manes of celebrities, shown at advertising campaigns and worn by most of girls at streets. A myriad colors wait for you, you can choose permanent shades, high-intensity pigments or just temporary colors.long-wavy-cut-red-hair-bangs-view-2

Rich in red

Perfectly rich red hue is a powerful way to make a statement and get ready to stand apart from the crowd. It commands attention and can suit on outgoing personalities. This color can be achieved whether one or two step process depending on your natural shade.  You can keep this color fresh by using color-infused conditioners or gloss treatments.  This hair coloring can work best for long and straight hair types with little waves but it can also work great on short hair. In case of light colored eyes or fairy skin use this awesome ruby-red hue. You should keep in mind that this shade is the epitome of high-maintenance hair. You can use color gloss or color enhanced conditioner to refresh your shade.

Hottest hairstyles from People’s Choice Awards 2015

Artists from film, music and TV, honored People Choice Awards this year. The red carpet was filled with famous people rocking hair styles, clothes or make up or accessories. Here we have collected gorgeous red carpet hairstyles to get inspired right now!The 41st Annual People's Choice Awards - Arrivals

Portia de Rossi

Portia’s look was gorgeous with big, organic looking waves. The side was tucked behind the ear which helps to spotlight off her face and keeps waves from overwhelming her look. To style this look you need to apply any hair product which creates grit and texture on wet hair. In the next step you should power dry your hair.

Stylish Hair Accessories for Winter Time

Almost all girls love shopping but sometimes it can be a tad overwhelming. In that case we have collected loveable and trendy hair accessories to own for this winter season. Sparkly headbands, hair pieces and weather hats can look hot not for your everyday life but also for special occasions (Valentine day is coming girls!). Let’s have a look at these awesome hair accessories and shop them as well.kate-spade-bow-headbandThe first one is simple and sweet, which always can be in style. “Kate Spade New York skinny headband” looks adorable which comes in both gold and silver.

3 Awesome Hairstyles from Blake Lively

As the creator of ‘’White Sands Hair Products” Fernando Salas says Blake Lively is the real epitome of hair health. Her tresses always exude an amazing shine and beauty.  Lively’s look is always elegant and sophisticated.  From voluminous ponytails to perfectly polished curls, she always looks the prettiest wherever she is. With the help of Salas, we introduce some of the hairstyles worn by Black Lively, and recommend styling advices and preferable products as well."Savages" Los Angeles Premiere - Arrivals

We usually see Black Lively’s hair was just put together in 20 or less minutes. This more polished look worn at “Savages” premiere definitely looks hot.  To style this, you need to start with clean, dry hair prepped with a hair serum. Next step is to section hair from top to bottom, and create a side part on the top section before styling. Then you should use a 1 or ½ inch curling iron to work your way for the bottom up. Finish you look by tucking hair by one ear and sealing the style with a flexible hold, shine enhancing hairspray.

Short weaves to be trendy right now

The weaves can be ideal alternative to trying out a new short hairstyle without altering your natural hair. These celebrity-inspired hairstyles with short weaves can make you look hot and trendy.weaves

The first one let us introduce Solange’s  afro, which has become her signature with lovely and hot curls. You can style it by yourself.  For naturals with kinky coarse textured hair, you can just wash and apply moisturizing product.  You can style it by braiding or flat twisting your hair either straight back or part hair down the middle and braid it towards the sides. Before taking out the braids or twists make sure hair is completely dry. Use a daily moisturizing product and oil for good finish. As for oil you can use either tea tree or organic coconut oils. This hairstyle can work for every face shapes.

The Newest Bob Hairstyles

This year bob hairstyle is still trendy and offers different options both for styling and cutting. Follow our suggestions to change your look or know useful tips about your bob hairstyle. Here is the first bob style you can try for this year. The fine smooth hair lays neatly along the sides of the face and in the fringe area. Two sides are textured along the bottom edge with a slight razor cut or point cut to make blunted hairline softer but having a defined shape. The bangs are cut horizontally and look awesome. This bob can work for any face shapes and the splashes of blue color can add a contrast for a cool finish.A-Line-Hairstyles-Bob-Hair-Cuts-for-Short-Hair

A line Hairstyles: Bob Hair Cuts for Short Hair

A line hairstyle is featured with long side swept bangs and curved line and crafted layers. The textured look can be achieved by hair ends with blunted slender slices. This look can offer you casual beauty and simplicity.